Terms and Conditions

      Please read our terms and conditions listed below before Just Clean Cambridge arrive at your property. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Unless otherwise agreed the Standard End of Tenancy Cleaning Service does not include cleaning of curtains, balconies, patios, windows, carpets or upholstery. Neither does include washing up, laundering, or rubbish removal.

Please note our End of Tenancy Cleaning does not include the exterior of the property, such as gardens, sheds, balconies and garages.

1. We will ask you to provide us with details as accurate as possible, about the cleaning area

e.g number of bathrooms, bedrooms and overall condition of the house.

2. We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation and price, should your original requirements change, or upon an inspection by the cleaning Supervisor.

3. We are not responsible for any existing damage to the clients property in the form of old stains/burns/spillages etc. which cannot be removed completely by the cleaning operative using the industry standard cleaning products and methods.

4. We will do our very best to make sure your kitchen appliances are cleaned to a high standard. However, if they have not been cleaned since they were purchased regrettably we will not be liable for ingrained dirt that cannot be removed using chemicals.

Freezers must be defrosted in advance, as the timescales for defrosting will not enable us to thoroughly clean it.

5. We cannot guarantee our End of Tenancy Cleaning service when people are still present and living in the property.

6. You are required to provide the cleaners with a parking permit if one is required.

7. The Client agrees to inspect the work immediately after it has been completed and to draw attention to the Supervisor if unsatisfied with anything. The cleaner will carry out any further work within reason.

Just Clean Cambridge reserves the right to refuse a request to do any extra cleaning if the property is not checked within 36 hours.

8. The fee is payable upon completion. The client may opt to pay by cash or BACS.

Payment must be made to the cleaners before the cleaners leave the premises.

Unfortunately we do not accept cheques.

9. A deposit of £50 is required upon booking.

10. The client may cancel a service by giving at least 24 hours notice. If less then 24 hours notice is given, then we have the right to keep the deposit of £50.

If cleaners turn up on the day and are notified their services are not required for ANY reason, 100% of the quoted price is payable.


  • SC: 52-10-46
  • AC: 25757644